Team Profile


Sales Professional

Specialist In:

  • Coast Spas
  • Wellness Swim Spas
  • Chemical Training
  • Customer Service
  • Advise
  • Heat and Beat

Favorite Spa:
The Coast Spa Phantom because of its unique features and being corner spa I like that it is different from other spas within the brand.

You can see me in store:
I work In Store 5 days per week - Except when I am at Shows / Exhibitions. My days off vary, so if you'd like to see me, please make an appointment below.

I joined Hot Tubs At Home in April 2016 and work full time. Everyday is different and I’m always learning new things thanks to being apart of a supportive team.

With the help of our customers referring us to their friends and family, we always ensure that our high standards are maintained.

I always strive to go the extra mile as the best part of the job is helping customers find the right spa, whether it is pre owned or brand new. I love being able to assist customers when they come into the showroom and I find it very fulfilling when I am able to help.